SPS is located just off Stoke Newington Church Street, a beautiful residential street full of cozy coffee shops and trendy bars. 

Shelford Place Studio

Clissold Park is just opposite the studio with a potential studio shoot combination with an outdoor shoot
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The Studio

Our studio has high ceilings and is equipped with a permanent 5m x 4.5m infinity cove which is currently white but can be painted in any color you might need.
We are on the ground floor with easy access through the shutter doors for unloading. 

You also have a makeup area, a sofa for your clients, and a kitchen corner with a fridge, coffee machine,  and water. 


Make - up area

Lights & Kit


As you can see in the picture we have got quite a few things to play with. Good news - all that is included in the rental price.

So we've got:

2x 500w Bowens Flashes w/ Pocket Wizards 

6x c-stands, Colorama support,

Umbrellas, softbox, 1.5m Octabox, 27-inch white beauty dish

2x Diffusion Frame, 4x4 silver polys, 4x 4x8 b/w polys.

1.8 ladder, small ladder, 6x sandbags.


We store 20+ different Coloramas. The charge is 10£ per meter of usage.

We also stock a selection of hand-painted backdrops. Enquire now to get a quote. 

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Equipment Rental 

Additional equipment can be hired from SPS.

Please go to the Equipment Page.

If you need something extra we are happy to arrange everything to be ready for your shoot using our trusted supplier - ProLighting.


Isn't it nice to have a coffee early in the morning before your shoot starts? 

We have teas and coffees available to you. Moreover, there is a fridge you could use for crew catering etc. In addition, there is access to water inside the studio in case your shoot involves water or you simply need to wash your hands.